Accessibility in a web application makes it’s services easy-to-use

VTKL – The Finnish Association for the Welfare of Older People is the most comprehensive nationwide alliance for elderly care of Finland. It implements influencing in the field of politics for the elderly and lobbying for it’s members. Redland reformed the alliances web application, focusing especially in the improvement of user experience and accessibility.

Starting point

Strengthening awareness and expertise of the alliance, serving users better and communicating with the organization more efficiently about the services and current topics were the main objectives for reform of the vtkl.fi web application. At the same time the alliance brought into use new member registry and extranet, which needed to be integrated to the web application.

Technically, the web application was intended to be open source and its user interface goal was to achieve WCAG 2.0 AA level.


We started designing the new web application through workshops, so that needs of the most important target groups could be taken into consideration efficiently. WordPress was chosen the content management system for its flexibility according to the customer’s needs.

The design was based on renewing the visual look, improving the discoverability of materials, and highlighting news, events and trainings. The user experience was designed to be easily accessible to best serve users with hearing, visual and cognitive disabilities for example.

In addition to accessibility, integration of functionalities to the member registry and extranet was pronounced in the technical implementation. In the future, it will be possible to combine other sites to the vtkl.fi multisite implementation, which will make it easier to manage and administrate them. So far, we have launched the vanheneminen.fi -site in combination to the new vtkl.fi web application.


The reform of the web application progressed on schedule and within budget. The new web application received a great reception from users. The clarity of the structure and the freshness and color of the visual look have been praised. Especially the target group breakdown on the front page, discoverability of events and trainings and visibility of social media have also been praised.

“Collaboration with Redland was easy and smooth. The schedule was tight, but clear division of labor and agreed contact points on the both sides helped the project run smoothly. Our dedicated coder always responded quickly and most wishes were answered.”

Merja Lankinen
Communications coordinator, VTKL

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