The billing service updated its website and expanded to Sweden provides entrepreneurs an opportunity to bill their work without the stress of paperwork. Redland helped the UKKO team update their online services and open a new market.

Starting point

An ever-growing found themself in a position where they needed to update their online service’s user interface and visual identity. had a very strong technical understanding and excellent coders of their own – Redland’s help was needed especially with visual design, as well as UI and UX design.

In addition, an expansion to the Swedish market, a more competitive playing field, was imminent. A new localized version of the service was needed. The overall objectives for the project were a new user-friendly image, an improved user experience, and a successful entry into the Swedish market.


An understanding of the target audience guided the project from the very beginning. With the customer, it was determined that the target groups in Finland and Sweden are different: in Finland, the audience and users were clearly younger, while in the Swedish market it was particularly important to take multinationalism and multiculturalism into account. Redland’s user interface and user experience designers utilized existing data and started lowering the service’s entry threshold by paying special attention to ease of use and intuitiveness.


Online service renewal and a localized Swedish version both succeeded in their goals, increasing the website’s conversion rate in Finland and rapidly gaining new customers in Sweden. The website structure was designed with future endeavors in mind and allows for smooth further development.

““Collaboration with Redland has been easy and flexible. Even time-sensitive matters were resolved quickly. We warmly recommend working with Redland.”

- Olli Kopakkala

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