Stora Enso

Case Stora Enso

Growth through new marketing ideas

Stora Enso is a global producer of renewable solutions for packaging, biomaterials, wood, and paper. Redland has helped Stora Enso’s Containerboards unit with the whole of marketing communication.

Starting point

Collaboration between Stora Enso’s Containerboards unit and Redland began with digital training materials from sales and has since expanded into a full-fledged advertising agency partnership. We share a belief in the need for a change in perspective from product- and organization-oriented thinking into an increased focus on the customer’s needs.


During our partnership, we have worked on Stora Enso’s concept design, digital modeling of tools and methods, plans for advertising and other marketing communications, product and service portfolio design, visual harmonization, photography, and film scripts.

Successful change has required internal communication at every turn to ensure the commitment of management and various specialists to our new customer-oriented thinking. The entire organization has been involved, from sales to the warehouse. Redland’s communication specialists have helped the design team implement these new ideas internally.


During our cooperation, updated materials have been very well received at the customers’ end, and communication regarding technologically challenging products and services has been greatly facilitated in sales. Stora Enso Containerboards has been able to reposition themself in the market, in line with corporate strategy, while achieving record sales results.

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