Case SAK

SAK and Redland called for a dialogue

The Central Organization of Finnish Trade Unions (SAK) is Finland’s largest employee coalition, representing almost one million employees and 18 trade unions. SAK’s vision is a society of trust.


The brand renewal by Redland and Karhu Helsinki, previously carried out in 2017, renewed SAK’s brand identity and digital services. A strong brand promise was born – Work on behalf of others, which we wanted to implement as widely and cost-effectively as possible during our two-week campaign. The goal of the campaign was to discuss the transformation of work, invite Finns to have a conversation, and to reinforce SAK’s image as modern constructor of a society of trust, especially among 25–44-year-olds.


Redland planned and executed a two-week campaign called “Call to Dialogue” with SAK’s communication team. At the center of the campaign was a promotional video designed by Redland and produced by Vaisto Creative. As the target group consisted of practically all workers and the media budget was limited, the campaign was implemented fully through digital channels, targeted at Finnish 25–44-year-olds just under Finnish Labor Day festivities. At the heart of the campaign was Facebook, where Finns were invited to a dialogue: “What kinds of things do you want us to talk about?” SAK member associations shared the post and it quickly spread organically in the first few days. Facebook advertising raised campaign visibility and accessibility to new target groups through specific target groups, A/B testing, location targeting, and by timing for work commutes and late weeknights over a two-week period. The campaign was supported by YouTube InStream video marketing and Ruutu Premium video marketing.


SAK asked: What kinds of things do you want us to talk about? Hundreds of comments helped SAK work on behalf of others regarding the issues Finns care about. SAK’s single Facebook post reached over 153,000 Finns, almost 27,000 of them organically – over 900 engagements (reactions, comments, and shares) helped spread the news. YouTube also proved to be an effective advertising platform – for a reasonable cost, the video was seen on nearly 263,000 screens and was viewed 113,000 times. One third of viewers watched the entire 60 second video. Ruutu Premium allowed for age targeting and provided over 42 ad impressions, as well as valuable video viewing data.

Facebook153K reached Youtube263K displays, 113K views Ruutu.fi96,5 % VTR