Case Rinta-Joupin Autoliike

Renewal of the web service and digital marketing partnership

Rinta-Joupin Autoliike is the whole nation’s car shop that sells, buys and maintains vehicles in 19 different locations in Finland. Redland renewed their entire web service and began digital marketing partnership in the year 2018.

Starting point

While car trade is shifting more to the web, Rinta-Joupin Autoliike wanted to renew their web service to be more user friendly and responsive. The main target of the renewal was to improve user experience and to increase sales. To support these targets, the share of digital marketing was increased too.


Redland started by renewing Rinta-Jouppi’s website and carried out its UI and UX design as well as its technical implementation. Making the vehicle search tool versatile, yet clear and intuitive, was a very important part of the user experience. An interactive prototype was developed to test the main functionalities. C2 Advertising from Vaasa created the website’s plan of content and defined the visual interface according to the wireframe models that were delivered by Redland. Modern JavaScript techniques were made use of in the technical implementation of the website. The vehicle search tool was carried out exploiting the react-framework. The new site was integrated into the client’s ERP system. ERP integration was carried out in co-operation with the client and the system vendor.

Redland was also chosen to be Rinta-Jouppi’s partner in digital marketing. We create organized, efficient and measurable digital advertising. Information led marketing, brand-building advertising and tactically verifiable results combine in our work. A complete digital marketing plan includes for example analytics, keyword advertising, social media advertising as well as display and video advertising. Digital marketing is developed together with Rinta-Jouppi’s and Redland’s teams with the model of continuous development and testing.


The renewed website was published in June 2018 and the results have met the targets set in the business plan. The renewed user experience was positively received and its development is continued by customer feedback and analytics. Digital marketing partnership began in autumn 2018.

“Building a new website is always a big and a challenging project for the client and the vendor. Building the new site with Redland was easy, because their process for working through projects is well planned. As the client we brought to the table our own ideas and problems. Redland in their hand gave their own addition to development and resolved many issues. Following only your own field, the fact that the same problem has been solved in another field already a long time ago can sometimes be forgotten.  The importance of seamless teamwork in this project was big. Even though we are solving technical problems, we are still human beings making products for fellow human beings. With enthusiasm we continue developing our website and digital marketing with Redland’s folks.”

Susa Niemelä, CDO, Rinta-Joupin Autoliike