Case Remeo

Digital Business Partnership

Remeo is a Finnish environmental management company, whose mission is to enable and promote circular economy. As an initial part of the digital business partnership, Redland renewed Remeo’s website.

Starting Point

Remeo bid the renewal of their web service and digital partnership early in 2018, and after tight screening selected Redland. Collaboration began with the renewal of their website, which was the first stage of the digital roadmap for the following years.

The aim was to combine the old website, content portal, reporting service and online shop into a single service portal. The aim of the reform was to better serve the client’s different audiences, as well as improve online sales.


Site reform began by carefully researching what was required in relation to the industry. Based on this, a search term analysis was carried out, which served as the basis for the structural design of the web service. The idea was to make all of Remeo’s services and products easy to find, with strong emphasis on contacts and sales.

The content of the previous content portal can now be found on the new website, in its own relevant circular economy section. In addition, lots of new content was created for the site, to serve customers in different user situations. The renewed strongly directs the user to action. For example, subscribing to the newsletter and contacting customer service is now also possible via the service and product sites.


The website was released in May 2018, and already during the first month over 500 contacts were received. The conversion rate of the site is excellent.

The site is constantly being developed according to feedback. Since the release, new content has been created for the site, and its analytics and targeting has been developed. In the future, the aim is to lead site development and digital marketing with databased information, thus better responding to customers’ business needs.

“”Redland is Remeo’s digital partner and they help us serve our customers quickly and effortlessly in our digital channels. The site renewal carried out in spring 2018 is the first stage of our digital roadmap, and it has already brought about measurable results. Redland refines our commission in the best way possible and suggests new possibilities to develop our site and digital marketing.” ”

Taina Luoto
Marketing & Communications Manager, Remeo