Case Rantapallo

Rantapallo more popular than ever thanks to Redland is the most popular travel site in Finland. Their travel search services, destination presentations, travel articles, and blogs collect more than 250,000 readers every week. Redland has been overjoyed to travel with Rantapallo for a long time now.

Starting point

Collaboration between Redland and Rantapallo originally began in 2010 with the reform of the service’s structure and layout, after which Redland has actively participated in developing Rantapallo’s brand, online services, and marketing. We have become more and more immersed as our workload continues to grow.


Rantapallo and Redland have performed marketing at travel fairs, on social media, in web banners, as well as in printed media. The website’s theme months are done as a collaboration, and Rantapallo’s logo, corporate image, presentations, forms, and newsletters have changed along the way. The last major reformation was performed in spring 2016 when the service was technically redesigned to better match consumer needs. Redland has designed and implemented dozens of campaigns for Rantapallo’s customers.


One of the best indicators of Rantapallo’s popularity and appeal are the over one million weekly page downloads by about 270,000 different users. Amid ever-growing competition among travel media, Rantapallo continues to solidify its position as Finland’s most followed travel site year after year, thanks to collaboration with Redland.

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