New user interface for NOOA change-management software

NOOA is a gamified change-management software (SaaS) that engages and motivates employees to implement real change throughout the entire organization.

Starting point

Creating sustainable and meaningful change in an organization isn’t always a walk in the park. For it to be successful, participation from all levels of the organization is crucial. In 2017, NOOA wanted to expand their services to the US market, and updates for the whole service were needed.


NOOA commissioned Redland to be their partner and update their service in close cooperation for the US market. It was decided early on, that customer and user experience were to be the key focus areas for the new US project. Cooperation was kicked off with workshops, as Redland worked closely with the NOOA product team and their technical developers. The goal from the beginning was to create something entirely unique. Gamification elements were used to make sure that all users will stay committed to the agreed change, and that the user experience of the service would be smooth.

The service’s new user experience and user interface saw daylight in the beginning of 2017, and in the autumn the new version was launched to its first pilot customers.


Customers have responded positively to NOOA’s new and improved mobility and ease of use. NOOA’s uniqueness is in its ability to combine strategy and culture together in one service. NOOA also helps to maintain focus in the agreed goal, and creates a an action-based learning culture for its users.

Currently NOOA has a solid and expanding customer base in Finland, and after a year in the US market, large international corporation customers as well.

Join the leaders in digital change management with NOOA

“"Collaboration with Redland is easy and effortless, because they listen carefully to their customers and react quickly. Work with Redland is, above all, creative."”

Tom Grönstrand

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