Case MSC

Sustainable fishing continues to grow in popularity

Marine Steward Council (MSC) is an international non-profit organization whose goal is to transform the world’s fish and seafood markets into sustainable ones. Redland helped MSC build a Facebook community.

Starting point

MSC had previously stepped foot in social media, but so far the results had been modest. The organization was looking for a communications partner to help spread awareness of sustainable fishing practices, while building a larger and more committed community of friends of the ocean.


Redland took charge of MSC’s quiet Facebook community and devised a new strategy for the efficient allocation of their marketing and media budget. The relationship between entertaining and educational content was better adapted to the platform: stakes were placed on high-quality curated content that was enriched from time to time with the content produced by MSC’s international organization. Meanwhile, MSC’s voice was made more approachable and conversational in tone. We made a conscious decision not to solicit instant results; instead, we hoped the community would grow organically into an active and committed one.


MSC’s Facebook followers have increased at a steady pace during the course of our cooperation – practically without losses. Engagement with publications has continuously been top-notch, with followers often sharing our content hundreds of times a week by their own accord. Domestic awareness of the MSC label has also increased during our collaboration, and sustainably produced fish and shellfish are available at more and more stores as a result. We can make the world a better place one social media post at a time!