Case Maxivision

Improving customer experience to increase the use of a TV entertainment service

Maxivision is a TV entertainment service that brings HD-quality television, the most popular channel packages and services to its private and business customers, all over Finland. Redland revamped Maxivision’s online service and updated its visual identity.

Starting point

Maxivision had long been considering redesigning the website. The goal for the new site was to make it clear to consumers how easy it is to use the TV entertainment service and how easy it is to purchase. The aim was to increase the site’s conversion rate and improve the quality image of the brand. The customer also needed to be able to manage the site in an agile and cost-effective manner.


At Redland, we set out to design a user-friendly and eye-catching online service that would make it easier to purchase larger packages. Design for the project was influenced by the realisation that the primary users of the site were men of 50 years and older, with the greatest potential being outside the Helsinki metropolitan region. As the project progressed, we noticed that the visual identity also needed to be updated for greater credibility and to elevate the brand image.

The online service was improved to meet today’s standards using WordPress content management. The structure of the site was changed to better serve customers and the user experience was substantially improved, as well. In addition, the site’s visual identity was revamped to be an eye-catching, modern package. The new website will make services and channel packages more noticeable and easier to purchase.


Based on the key figures, users have reacted very well to the new site. Page loads have increased by 20 per cent and time spent on the site by 18 per cent. We also managed to improve the speed of the site by 14 per cent. With the overhaul, we clearly improved the usability of the site. Since the site overhaul, the final conversion rate has increased by 2 percentage points. We believe a better customer experience has led to increased conversion.

Collaboration between Redland and Maxivision continues with a small development of the site, and discussions are underway to develop other phases of the buying path.

“The online service update moved very quickly and we managed to stick to the budget we had agreed upon. The Redland team is an amazing group of professionals and we will continue to collaborate after this project too! ”

Johanna Eriksson
Marketing director, Maxivision

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