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The Brew It Yourself virtual event created interaction

Kaffa Roastery is a Finnish coffee roastery that operates fully transparently in Punavuori, Helsinki. Together Redland and Kaffa Roastery carried out an entire virtual event as a series of three separate webinars.

Starting point

In spring 2020, the new global situation and continuously decreasing coffee orders from Kaffa Roastery’s roastery drove the company into a point where it had to come up with new ways to increase sales.

Because Kaffa Roastery’s mission is to change the Finnish coffee culture, Redland joined them in planning a brand new virtual event with an ambitious purpose – teaching the people who consume the most coffee in the world, to consume the best coffee in the world.


Together we decided that the best way to reach our goal would be a series of three webinars. In these webinars a Kaffa Roastery expert would tell the viewers how to make the most out of their coffee beans in a humble home kitchen. We also wanted to highlight the origin of Kaffa Roastery’s coffee and its production. The origin of their coffee beans is essential to Kaffa Roastery because they strive towards transparency in everything they do.

We set a goal for the Brew It Yourself webinar series to increase Kaffa Roastery’s brand awareness, as well as introducing different coffee services to people and creating more sales with those services. The target audience was company decision-makers and private persons, who we wanted to educate about the possibility to offer responsibly produced coffee home by mail.

Redland took care of the webinar production, technology and marketing. The selected target audience was approached through many channels, for example with social media marketing in Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.


During these three webinars we shared knowledge about coffee and created interaction between our speakers and the audience by answering their coffee related questions on air. The webinars generated a lot of interest and at best we had as many as 70 viewers simultaneously online, watching the show. Kaffa Roastery was very pleased with the entire virtual event. The audience also gave us great feedback.

“The Brew It Yourself Webinar series was our first experience in creating this kind of content, and the process with Redland was really easy and enjoyable. We gained valuable insight into webinar planning and marketing, and most importantly, learned that our community is keen to see more video content from us. Hence, providing value through inspiring, entertaining and educating video format is going to be moved to centre stage in our content strategy and we believe that is the direction all companies will need to move to in this new world of connections. ”

Pauliina Marjanen
Brand and Communications Specialist, Kaffa Roastery

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