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Furniture that saves lives

ISKU Health has created the world’s first completely antimicrobial furniture collection for public spaces. Redland helped ISKU spread news of this vital innovation.

Starting point

Every year, millions of people around the world die of infections caused by contact with microbes, such as hospital-acquired ones. ISKU has developed an incredibly stylish part-solution to this problem: a furniture collection upholstered with antimicrobial covers and coating that destroys most of the microbes left on the surface by itself. The problem was this: how do we relate news of such complicated medical and chemical technology in such a way that is simple, but also effective and believable?


Redland challenged ISKU to condense their message into customer benefits and helped visualize them. First, a user-oriented brochure that deciphered the technology behind the collection was created: different messages were relayed to hospitals and other public spaces. Light pictograms and illustrations helped turn a heavy topic into something easy to glance at and understand. Meanwhile, stylized third-party research data with detailed factual information took care of assuring critical expert buyers. After the brochure, Redland designed materials for ISKU Health’s promotional tour and helped sharpen their media releases.


ISKU Health’s marketing communication concept was well received, and sales resulted in immediate positive feedback regarding the functionality of the materials. We reached a significant number of healthcare policy makers during the promotional tour, and our important message was effectively delivered. ISKU Health and Redland continue to cooperate on a campaign basis.

““Many thanks to you, and a special thank you for accommodating our tight schedule!”

-Anne Laitinen
Marketing Manager, ISKU Health

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