Case Hygga

Website and appointment booking renewal

Hygga is one of Finland’s largest dental clinics located in Kamppi, Helsinki. Redland renewed Hygga’s online services and appointment booking system.

Starting point

In addition to dental services, Hygga develops and markets resource management systems for healthcare professionals and provides them with process management related know-how. Now was the time to update Hygga’s website to match their new image and make booking appointments more straightforward and clear for customers.


Online appointment booking is the most important part of Hygga’s website when it comes to business. If the booking system goes down, business goes down. Booking system reform was done together with the customer’s technical team. Everything went smoothly, and the teams worked together like old colleagues.

During the reform, the website’s content management system was also exchanged. From the customer’s point of view, its most important feature was deemed to be that content can be updated without any special technical know-how. WordPress’s strength is that even those administrators who rarely make updates can successfully carry out the easiest functions.

In the first development phase, different language versions were made only for part of the website, but in the background there is now a technical readiness for different languages on all pages.

Search engine visibility was considered when developing the site. SEO tools were installed for content management, which allows easy optimization of content for improving search engine visibility. Google Analytics has been set up with templates that can be used to develop the site in the future.


Feedback received regarding the website has been good. Customers have been especially pleased with the ease of appointment booking on mobile devices, which is heartwarming for the developers.

The visual image of the site has also been a great success, and the simplicity of the user interface has received praise. The site is being developed in collaboration with the customer, and cooperation may expand to Hygga’s other departments as well.

So, when it’s time to fix up your teeth in one fell swoop, make an appointment at Hygga!