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Action report and staff report 2018

HUS Helsinki University Hospital is the biggest healthcare actor of Finland and the second biggest employer. Over half a million patients receive treatment in HUS annually and it employs 25 000 professionals. HUS refreshed their brand image in the autumn of 2018. The new brand was first brought into use by Redland in the HUS annual report and staff report.

Starting point

The process of assembling an annual report and a staff report is not simple. For it to succeed, it demands clear frames, a schedule, a fair  division of responsibilities and confidence between the team members. HUS’ most important annual news, happenings and key figures are collected between the covers of the annual report, whereas in the staff report the focus is in compressing the current state and goals of human resources for internal and external stakeholders.

Solution and end result

Strict screening of information for the both reports is performed by a diverse variety of professionals from the finance department to the CEO and units of business. Other partners include the printing house and the translation agency.

Efficient project management and active, transparent communication are the keys to successfully carry out a challenging process. Collaboration between HUS and Redland worked flawlessly due to clear division of responsibilities and scheduling.

Creating visual frames for the design should be done before the actual layout. That will ensure a smoother flow of the whole process and makes the job easier for the designer. We designed the both reports content page templates and the formats of infographics, tables and other visual presentations, in which the HUS’ new brand image was applied. In addition we took responsibility of designing the cover and carrying out photoshoots for the staff report.

The entire content production is content marketing. It should be utilized in different channels throughout the year. Interviews and articles that have been produced earlier can easily be used in content production of the reports. In addition to the existing content, we produced new interviews for the staff report.

The reports can be read online in PDF -format, HUS staff report 2018 and HUS annual report 2018. Our well begun collaboration with HUS will continue next year.

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