Case Helaform

Site renewal and digital marketing overview

Helaform designs and manufactures sliding door systems that are used in homes, industrial environments, agricultural buildings, and top hotels around the world alike. Redland created a new website and a centralized view of key digital meters for Helaform.

Starting point

The goal of the website renewal was to more clearly show where Helaform’s products and their combinations can be used. In addition, we wanted to create a base for a web shop to be started at a later time. The objectives were largely focused on the success of the export market.


For the website renewal, in order to meet the demands of different target groups, we investigated the inherent online demand for different products by different users. A significant part of the project was defining user paths and highlighting Helaform’s solutions and references from different industries. Then, we built WooCommerce-based product management over the online shop system and created product pages, whose content is filtered by different applications and features, serving different target groups. Additionally, we created solution and reference pages that link to the products and explain their uses in easy-to-understand ways.


The website was published in Finnish and English in January 2018. As the goal was to systematically develop the web service based on user data, in addition to web analytics, we gathered information from various social media channels, newsletter marketing, and the most important conversions all into one view. Results have shown that in 2018 every month of digital marketing has been better than the previous one.

““The overall marketing view shows all marketing meetings. With it, I can easily show management and sales how much of an effect each campaign or action has had on traffic. It makes results more concrete. The best part is that they understand the impact marketing has on business. Consequently, the company’s management is also more willing to throw extra chips into digital marketing when the effects are plain to see. In addition, salesmen are unearthing leads from interesting sources that appear in site traffic.””

Teemu Malva
Marketing Manager, Helaform Oy