Case Indoor Informatics

Branding and MVP product development for analytics service

With GymPlus© you can make equipment decisions based on broad user data and thus maximize the profitability of your investment all the while making choices that improve customer experience at your gym.

Starting point

GymPlus© product team has a lot of insights and information about how to run a fitness business and what are the critical factors for success. The team had a vision for the service, which utilizes video cameras and machine vision to estimate the utilization of different gym equipments and helps gym owners and fitness centers to make most out of their business.


Redland worked in close cooperation together with the GymPlus© team, and the partnership was launched with brand development for the company and its core service, Gym Plus© – smart indoor analytics.

After the branding phase, focus was targeted towards the user experience and user interface design for the analytics service. The goal was to a launch minimum viable product for pilot customers in Spring 2018.


The new MVP product was launched to pilot customers in Spring 2018, and the data collection initiated simultaneously. With smart indoor analytics, gym owners and fitness centers can now easily see the utilization rate of all their gym equipment, apply filters targeted at specific equipment over certain periods of time, and compare the use of different equipment.

The smart indoor analytics service enables them to make better business decisions and improve customers’ experience at their gyms.