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A house of specialists gained a new brand identity as the streamliners of work

Gapps is a specialist company of cloud services and information work. It helps its customers streamline work with modern tools and methods. Redland helped Gapps streamline its own business by redesigning the company’s whole brand.

Starting point

The number one goal for Gapps’s brand renewal was to clarify the company’s brand communication and make it more consistent. Gapps was looking for a partner capable of offering agile and versatile support in their pursuit of extensive international growth. 

Gapps was already recognised as a Google Cloud specialist company, but its brand was viewed as bland. The company needed to sharpen its main message and freshen up its look to properly convey to the markets that it was indeed a streamliner of modern work – and the brand renewal would also support Gapps’s international growth.


To help plan the brand renewal, Redland mapped out other companies in the same field of business. This helped Gapps to find a natural and suitable position in the market, allowing the company to take that new role with ease.

Streamlining work is more about culture than just good tools. Making a change requires changing the way we think of work. Gapps offers its customers a comprehensive solution to make a change. Modern tools are an important part of that solution, but exactly just that – just one part among others. Gapps stays close to its customers during the whole process, and even after it.

Our work began with redesigning the brand identity. As a result, Gapps’s main messages, purpose and visual look were all combined into a new brand book available in two languages. As the company message changed, we also decided to change the company website to better reflect the new brand identity. Redland was in charge of the website’s design, further developing it to match customers’ needs. The technical realisation of our plans was outsourced.

We also plan and create marketing materials and digital campaigns for Gapps on occasions such as product launches. For example, Gapps’s collaboration with Slack was announced with a campaign almost entirely planned and executed by Redland – from the campaign concept to the campaign plan, all the way to even partial implementation.


The goal was to implement the brand renewal in a way that maintained Gapps’s existing brand awareness and used it as a base for pursuing international growth. Another important thing was to reach a better in-house understanding of Gapps as a brand: how the company looks, sounds and feels. These main objectives were achieved and Gapps now has a much clearer brand identity to build its future on.

The brand renewal has received feedback from both inside and outside the company. According to the feedback, Gapps now comes across as a more professional and fresh company than before. Clients have especially praised the new brand look.

The Slack campaign reached its target groups well and stirred interest especially among current clients. In other words, the first potential Slack product buyers have already been found.

“Now we have a significantly better and clearer package, which allows us to open new markets and seek strong growth. The cooperation with Redland has been overall straightforward, and through it we have gained the comprehensive partnership we were looking for.”

Niko Kultalahti
Head of Marketing, Gapps

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