Case Flowrox

Web service renewal increased the amount of customer contacts

Flowrox specialises in flow control, filtration, environmental technologies and industrial automation solutions. The company serves its customers with the help of nine subsidiaries and over 230 representatives on six different continents.

Starting point

The existing web service had to be revised to better serve users in other countries, and to help the business reach its goals. The main objective was to generate more conversions, such as customer contacts. There was also a need to update the company brand into a better fit for online, and to create a more flowing administration for the whole website.


Redland began the realisation of the web service renewal with the help of WordPress publishing system. Extra attention was paid to responsivity in order for the large website to serve even its mobile users well. The service was engineered to be multilingual with six different language versions to choose from.

On the new site, the company’s international news and events were presented in a more outstanding fashion than before. We also added an integration for an external content marketing system, so now all the news and events would update automatically onto the website. Another integration was created for utilising the marketing automation services of Apsis. Managing of product information was renewed to better serve customer needs and to minimise the time spent on product management. The integrations were taken into account in both the design and the technical execution of the web service.

The wide search for retailers was also revamped.


After launching the new web service, the traffic at the site has grown continuously. The most important goal, increasing the amount of site generated conversions and contact requests, was reached right after the release.

“Redland’s Web Developer Juuso did an amazing job, he is truly a professional. Response time to all queries was fast and our communication through the Trello portal worked well. We usually got an answer to every question – even the most tricky ones – paired with ideas for execution. ”

Elisa Mentula
Marketing Communications Manager, Flowrox

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