Case Delicard

Kitchen delicacies reach corporate decision-makers

A Delicard gift card is an elegant way to show appreciation for your employees and business partners: the recipient may choose from a smorgasbord of treats and kitchen products the ones that are most to their liking. Redland designed a successful radio and online campaign for Delicard.

Starting Point

Amidst an important and fast-approaching Christmas season, Delicard asked Redland to help design a radio campaign, which would be supported by online marketing. There were two goals: maximizing Christmas sales and increasing Delicard’s reputation among the target group of corporate decision-makers.


We began planning radio spots based on the simple observation that decision-makers are constantly approached with different gift options during the holiday season. Of course, all advertisers believe their product is the best. The dilemma all decision-makers face is how to give everyone exactly what they want. Useless gifts are embarrassing for both the giver and the receiver. Delicard provides an answer: options.

An idea was born. Delicard treats and kitchen products pestered corporate decision-makers and used all their rhetorical ways in order to be chosen as this year’s gifts. The idea also allowed us to present Delicard’s product selection in a different and humoristic way. Roles played by Tommi Korpela, Petteri Summanen and Tiina Siikasaari were backed up with display advertising that matched the concept.


”Thanks to Redland, we were able to create a great campaign! Most importantly, we achieved results: the number of visitors on our website increased by 17 % during the most important sales period. We look forward to further collaboration.”

-Heikki Pirnes, Delicard Business Manager

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