Case Darment

A chill way to improve customer experience and increase sales

Darment keeps it cool by offering a wide variety of refrigerants and other cold products for maintenance needs, construction projects and industrial production. The fast growing business generated a revenue of over 3 million euros already in 2018.

Starting point

Darment’s brand and web service had not kept up with the fast growth of their business. The website and online store were two completely different entities, and navigating between them was not smooth. The site did not convey the company’s image in a desirable way, and both the site’s organic visibility and the conversion rate did not produce sufficient results.

We began by examining the situation closer and by clarifying the objectives with the client. As a result, we identified a need to build a whole new basis for the business to support its growth, internationalisation and future planning. Our first goal was to create a user friendly web service capable of reaching the target audience. After developing the web service, our next goal was to capture a new international target audience and to heavily increase sales in the EU with digital marketing.


The project was kicked off with a keyword research and a customer poll, giving us insight on the customers’ psyche. Then we refined Darment’s competitive advantages, key messages, and client promises based on the desired position. At the same time we updated the structure of Darment’s product range in order to reach the new market more efficiently with both organic searches and paid search engine results. We also created a more distinctive and convincing brand look as a frosty crown for this cold product king.

In summary, the developing of the new web service was executed on a sturdy foundation of knowledge based on identified strengths and purchase paths. The keyword research revealed suitable subjects for articles and other content. Content production was started as soon as the final site structure was approved.

The new web service was coined from all the essential contents and features from the old site and online store. The new online store was integrated with Darment’s enterprise resource planning system. The user interface was developed further so it was easier to use and visually more appealing. Darment’s customers now enjoy the luxury of being pampered with effortless and swift registration and ordering processes. The right products are easy to find thanks to the enhanced search and filtering functions.


The outcome of our work is the coolest web service on the market: darment.fi and darment.eu, which both have already received great feedback from their respective end users. We also planned and produced videos to accompany the launch, introducing the new service in film format. The marketing plan for the launch also included a comprehensive plan for reaching the right customers digitally in five different countries.

The results are being monitored and the tactics developed on a weekly basis, along with all the other marketing we do for Darment as their partner in growth.

“Redland understood our need to map out and differentiate customers into their own segments, and they executed the project with great vigour and skill. The renewal of our visual look was even better than we had dared to hope for! We are very pleased with the clean and user friendly site that loads fast, as well as the fine and functional online store. Easy ordering and an uncluttered view both really benefit our customers. Working with Redland has been flexible and we have reached great results together! ”

Markku Parviainen
Sales Director, Darment

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