Case Admicom

Investor site and IPO campaign

Admicom, founded in 2004, is at the forefront of system development in construction, building technology, and industry, as well as an integrated software and accounting firm partner. The company’s SaaS-based Adminet ERP cloud service helps small and medium-sized companies improve their competitiveness by automating workplace and office routines seamlessly all the way to accounting. Admicom Oyj was listed on the First North Finland market maintained by Nasdaq Helsinki Oy and organized an IPO from January 26 to February 2, 2018.


Listing requires accurate project scheduling and rigorous implementation, accuracy in numbers, cooperation with authorities, and close collaboration with various parties. Merasco Oy acted as the company’s approved advisor. The aim of listing was to strengthen the company’s reputation, support the implementation of strategy-based acquisitions, and to engage and motivate the company’s employees. The aim of the IPO campaign was to pay close attention to selected target groups, direct traffic to the investor page – as well as the place of commerce, and to achieve sales period targets.


Redland embedded the investor site into the current Admicom site. The data service was integrated into the WordPress site. In addition, an IPO campaign was designed and implemented between January and February in different digital channels. Redland designed the campaign concept, main messages, and advertising media. The events and communication channels (e.g. newsletters) of Nordnet and Inderes Oy also played an important role. The goal of the campaign was to reach the target groups as efficiently as possible, and in a timely fashion.


This campaign helped reach small investors, potential customers, and readers of financial media at affordable media costs. The integrated campaign utilized a tactical 20-second investor video and parade banners, which were purchased directly from investor media and programmed with AdForm. Targeting utilized various data sources, remarketing, and different kinds of lookalike targeting. Channel / media selections also included YouTube video advertising, AdWords search advertising, Facebook advertising, Readpeak native advertising, and Admicom’s own channels. 8,000 visitors were directed to the site, of which 1,400 clicked forward to the Nordnet trading post. The banners also got hundreds of thousands of quality ad impressons and video views. Earned media visibility was also estimated to be worth over EUR 100,000. The campaign essentially reached all potential small investors in the country.

The listing period for Admicom’s First North IPO was from January 26 to February 2, 2018. The listing consisted entirely of share offerings, whereby the company issued new shares worth a total of about EUR 5 million, bringing the company 2811 new shareholders. It is worth noting that 2/3 of the company’s staff are now shareholders. Trading the company’s shares began on February 9, 2018 at the First North Finland marketplace maintained by Nasdaq Helsinki Oy.

“The listing was a great and memorable project for us. Redland was chosen as an advertising partner and, with a clear division of tasks, the project proceeded toward its goal systematically and straightforwardly. The few technical problems were dealt with swiftly and the end result was excellent.”

Antti Seppä
Chief Executive Officer, Admicom Oyj

“Listing projects are always special and unique. From the advertising agency’s point of view, Admicom's listing project was well planned, implemented, and managed in its entirety. Admicom’s core team took control of IR communication very well and was always up to date with the situation, as well as quick and easy to reach. ”

Tuomas Kataila
Account Director, Redland