The Core UX Audit

Understanding your users

Over here at Redland, we focus on designing great user experiences and web services. When designing UI & UX, we always aim for a user experience that is easy to use, as simple as possible, and absolutely effortless in every way. As your design partner, we guarantee your brand story is clear throughout each and every service and experience.


Digital business is booming and there’s a growing demand for great user experience across platforms and devices. We’ve seen that carefully designed UI and UX together with the right brand building strategies and actions can make a big difference in terms of customer satisfaction and business profitability. Great UX design is the transparent success factor behind your business.


When designing a new service, a good rule of thumb is that a user should not have to think about using the service at all, but rather be pulled into it intuitively. With consistent, clear and visually pleasing interface you make sure that there’s no interruption between your brand story and services your clients use. After impeccable user experience, it’s also important that the user is guided to certain goals with clear UI and consistent elements.


With our cross-functional teams of Redlanders, we combine creativity, business understanding and technology together in a unique way. We use tools like UX audit and analytics to evaluate client’s service with help of UX experts and designers. To validate UX we do use testing that can be performed with clickable prototypes before any coding has happened.

Case examples