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Redland launches a new service concept improving user experience to US market

Redland has developed a UX audit for assessing the user experience on digital services. This new service is launched at America’s premiere Digital Customer Experience Summit that is being held on September 18.-19. in Chicago, Illinois.

Redland has been operating in the US market since 2013. Redland focuses on helping companies in US with its strong design thinking. The Core UX Audit is a pilot, and takes into account all the key areas of user experience. UX Audit is based on expert evaluation made by our senior designers and the utilization of different heuristic methods and established analytics tools along with their wide range of expertise.

We have already established our foothold in the US market through our client projects, and developed a mutually beneficial cooperation model, as well as the effectiveness of our design expertise. The Scandinavian UI/UX -design is highly valued in the US for its functionality, simplicity and intuitiveness. With our The Core UX Audit service, we can effectively solve the issues regarding our customer’s user experience challenges, says Jonne Hirvonen, Head of Digital Services at Redland.

We are also assessing the possibility of launching a Design Studio in Chicago, that would focus on designing technology independent services and applications, Hirvonen continues.

Read more about the Core UX Audit 

Redland is a growth and development partner for growth-minded companies. Redland has offices in Helsinki, Lahti and operates also in Chicago. In 2018 Redland has 34 experts and revenue estimate for the year 2018 is 3M€.

More information from Mr Jonne Hirvonen, Partner, Head of Digital Services at Redland
Mail: jonne@redland.fi Tel: +358504871572 Web: https://redland.agency