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Redland continues to grow, appoints new CEO

Marketing communications and digital agency Redland grew its revenue over 50% during 2018. The company’s strong growth will be steered in the future by Mari Masalin, as she steps into the role of CEO. Current CEO Raila Lassila goes on parental leave.

Masalin has been a Partner, Key Account Director and HR Director at Redland since 2015. She holds over 20 years of extensive experience from the marketing and advertising field, having worked in several agencies (incl. McCann, Bob Helsinki and Skandaali).

In her new role as CEO, Masalin will focus strongly on developing the company culture as well as supporting the personal development and strengths of the employees.

“The core competitive edge of Redland lies in its strong and commitment-driving company culture. For us, the happiness of our people is of utmost importance, as is working in accordance with our values. My goal is to deepen this, and develop the company towards people centric leadership. In the future, I also want to ensure our ability to develop the business of our customers, as well as offer our employees chances to grow”, says Masalin.

Masalin will also continue her hands-on work with customers. Redland recently recruited a COO to enable Masalin to fully focus on her versatile role.

Revenue growth 50% – half of the profit to the employees

Redland has grown at a stable pace, and made strong profit. In 2018, the net revenue was 2,8 million EUR, and profit 261 000 EUR for the fiscal year. Compared to 2017, the net revenue grew for over 50%, and the number of employees grew by ten new professionals.

“Our growth has been led by our strategy all along, and is largely due to our great recruitments. We believe in happy employees, which leads to customer satisfaction, which, in turn, drives natural growth. We are especially pleased to have been able to make such a profit with our fast growth rate”, says Lassila.

Redland has built an employee reward program that shares half of the profit with the employees. The profit is partly paid as bonuses to the employees, and partly directed to education and well-being at work. Currently the company experiments remote working in Palma de Mallorca.

“The idea for the remote work overseas was a personnel wish. We want to encourage and enable these kind of incentives, as the commitment of our personnel, as well as creating a strong company culture are the core drivers of our growth”, Masalin continues.

“I have all the trust in the world for Mari, as I myself move towards growing the Finnish population”, Lassila laughs.

The Chairman of the Board at Redland is its founding partner Simo Vunneli. Raila Lassila continues in the board, and along with her appointment to CEO, Mari Masalin will also hold a position on the board.