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Redland appoints Anne Laitinen as Chief Operating Officer

Redland has appointed Anne Laitinen as its new COO. Laitinen will work closely with the CEO. Her responsibilities include strategy-led development projects and enabling business growth.

In addition to these, Laitinen will focus on steering the general finances, develop processes and resource allocation, and work closely with customers.

Laitinen specialises in international sales. She has previously worked in Isku’s export department as Customer Area Manager, and internationalised Finnish IT- and digital companies in Finpro’s new customer acquisitions. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Project Management.

“With our rapid growth, we have identified the need for a business developer and growth enabler role. The position of COO in Redland is new, and I’m sure it will also shape according to Anne’s expertise and vision. Anne also brings strong expertise in internationalisation, and this supports achieving our goals in the future”, says Mari Masalin, newly appointed CEO (from 1.4.2019 onwards).

“I’m looking forward to enabling the success of Redland’s customers, and through that, to also grow and internationalise the company itself. Redland has healthy values, and the fact that the company looks after its employees’ welfare also shows as passionate attitude towards customer work. All of that is a great base to build upon”, Laitinen says.