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Do you need a place to sleep during SLUSH 2018?

Nobody in their right mind would sleep on these couches during SLUSH 2018. Except you, you badass. Welcome!

We are a Marketing Agency here in Helsinki, and we have pretty good Chesterfieldish couches (yeah, leather ones, so expect to sweat), a decent shower, two kitchens, a massage chair and fussball-table in our office. Also if you’re tech-savvy, our very own theatre is at your disposal.

So if you don’t have any issues with your back, can stand a little noise and probably not-the-best-situation privacywise (in case sharing the space with a friend and since there are 20 persons working at the office), you are welcome to rent our office as your sleeping/hanging around quarters during Slush.

We really need you to be one of the good guys for us to give you our office keys, but generally we do tend to trust people.

Yeah, this really is an office, so all we have to offer as beds are these two sofas. During the days (which might sometimes extend to after work hours..), we will be working here, and, if you wish, so can you. There also might be some noise from the street below, but if you think you can live with that, welcome!

You will have access to a kitchen (actually two of them) and we will throw in a bonus of allowing you to use our coffee. You’re welcome. We have three toilets and one bathroom (Yes. With a shower.) and big windows and lots of space to be gazing our great view towards the sea and shipyard.

The space IS an office space, so practically you’re sleeping in our living room. The space isn’t exactly the most private one there is. What’s great about it though, is that you will most likely have ready made fresh coffee in the kitchen when you wake up.

So, are you interested? We would like for you to outline exactly why you are such a great character that we will provide you with the keys to our office. 100 WORDS on that, thank you, and we’ll see – book here!