Visual Identity

Visual identities

The world is becoming more visual each day. We will create an identity and a specificity that will distinguish your business from others and make conducting it as easy as possible.

Your image

A corporate identity means those basic visual elements that your business is identified with. A corporate identity creates the first impression about your products and services, and their quality. That is why the impressions generated by a corporate identity should, at a minimum, be at the level of your professional competence. The competitive advantage, values, and the target image of your organization will be visualized into a totality, which will stand out in a beneficial way.

In addition to an impression of quality, the corporate identity conveys information about major strengths, industry, and market position. In addition to the logo, every color, font, shape, and picture that is used conveys something. Consequently, it is safer to implement graphic guidelines and the necessary forms and presentation templates – an ensemble that can be used to help employees and other partners to communicate cohesively.

A corporate image should stay credible for years, if necessary.  As a business or the business environment evolves, it may present a need to accommodate the corporate identity to a new situation. With us, you will find out which elements are better to develop and, on the other hand, which to retain.  Not only do we create corporate identities, but we also help to use and control them.

Designing and renewing a company’s identity:

  • Logos
  • Color schemes, idioms, graphic elements, and typography
  • Graphic guidelines
  • Business cards and forms
  • Administrative and operational support for the corporate image

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