Concept Design

Concept Design

When a strategy is clear, it is time to get creative. In concept design, we mold the kind of totality from individual ideas that has business-sense.

A good concept yields many more

A marketing concept covers the basic elements that communicate the customer promise to your target groups in an understandable and interesting way. It is easy to use the verbal and pictorial end products of the concept in an integrated way, and in all situations. The desired image of the business can be conveyed, and it is consequently possible to continue this development further.

  • Delineating strengths and clarifying the message
  • Spearheading the marketing concept with a slogan
  • Conforming the most important introductory material to the concept
  • A main advertising image to support the concept
  • Visual communication for service and/or product line
  • Integration of the concept to marketing materials

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