A well-designed campaign is, at its best, a money machine that creates well over a euro for every euro invested. But quite often, a marketer does not have accurate information about whether money was spent efficiently after a campaign. That is why we always start planning a campaign by determining the goals and metrics.

Test and optimize

In our role of an outside partner, we see campaign ideas and plans through fresh eyes. The dozens of comparable campaigns that we have followed help us recognize which solutions work in your situation.

Often, an idea does not have to be revolutionary to be profitable. Likewise, the purpose is to recognize and eliminate deterrents to purchases rather than to invent elements that increase sales. Even small measures can achieve a large effect. In addition to brainstorming for the campaign, our services include its implementation, monitoring the results, and further development.

In the same way, our campaign design includes launch campaigns, promotion campaigns, digital campaigns as well as social media campaigns.

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