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Marketing and branding strategy

If we simplify a bit, marketing strategy is a summary of who your customers are, and how you get them to buy from you instead of your competitors. Branding strategy, on the other hand, determines what your business should feel, look, and sound like to implement your marketing strategy.

A good marketing strategy is always based on market research and understanding and profiling your customer. Based on this, you know what you should offer your customer, and how it should be packaged. Additionally, in marketing strategy, a summary is made of the competitors, and it is determined what positioning will set you apart. Based on the marketing strategy, we can move to create a marketing plan, which is a chronological listing of steps leading to the objectives.

Branding strategy determines the role of the brand as a part of the marketing strategy of the business: what are the characteristics, values, personalities and identity that will reach the objectives? At the heart of a branding strategy is a promise, a crystallized idea about the significance that the business produces for its customers. The task of branding strategy is to build a long-term, loyal customer-base for the brand. The stronger a brand is in the customers’ minds, the more they trust it.

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