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Leading with information marketing

At our breakfast seminar a marketing data dashboard, designed for the company’s management, sales department and marketing department, was presented. It brings together the most important analytics of marketing, such as page traffic, campaign statuses and social media activities. It is a tool that supports management with information in marketing.

Marketing data tells us what works

“All of our marketing meetings are opened with this tool. It is very useful for showing the management and sales department how much of an effect each campaign and action has had on page traffic”, says Teemu Malva from Helaform.

Helaform adopted the dashboard, since it wanted to simplify the recently-renewed webpage’s usage and reporting of its digital marketing activities. A custom-made monthly reporting template was created for Helaform.

Malva explains that the service gives a concrete expression for management and the sales department. With the numbers that it provides it is easy to see and understand marketing’s effects on business.

“Management is more likely to allocate funds for digital marketing when they can actually see what kind of effect each action has. In addition, the sales representatives obtain leads from interesting sources that appear on the page traffic”, Malva sums up.

This is what leading with knowledge is at its best. The effects of actions can be seen in real time and they can be quickly reacted to.

Information custom made for target groups

Use your time wisely and stop moving numbers around. You don’t need to use tools such as Google Analytics or Facebook Insights to search for reports. With this service the most important marketing analytics are found in one place.

“Customer feedback has been good. When reports are customized for different user groups, the information moves freely inside the company. The data that have been collected are used for allocating campaign budgets; value for money is also guaranteed”, explains CCO Jonne Hirvonen.

We assist you with both introduction of the product and editing the dashboard. Depending on the need, monthly, weekly or campaign-based data views can be created. In addition there is an option for creating different views with different indicators for different user groups. Customizing the different views for user groups according to their needs also increases transparency among the different actors and departments within a company.

The report is almost in real time and it can be shared using a link, via email or ordered in pdf. The effectiveness and results of marketing actions can be seen right away.

If you are interested, request a quote or contact us at info@redland.fi and let’s talk of the ways we can help you!