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Growth Hacking Is The New Black In Digital Marketing

Digitalization challenges the traditional marketing and opens new opportunities in acquiring new customers. One of the hot topics in digital age is growth hacking.

In this post, we will spread some light into this cool buzzword, and dig deeper into what growth hacking is about.

Growth Hacker Is A Creative Digital Marketer

Growth hacking is actually a great term to describe what this buzz is all about. The word hacker usually refers to a person who is a computer wizard, and who reaches their goals with genius and unconventional approach to problems – regardless of possible limitations. So a growth hacker is a creative person, who works with data and analytics in digital marketing, and brings in results.

So growth hacking, in essence, is all about a new way of thinking, where growth in sales and revenue are sought online and driven by data. The philosophy includes experimental ways of working and utilizing all possible channels. With data, a growth hacker directs their messages only to relevant customers, in a manner that interests them. This way, growth hacking also saves costs.

Not with hunch, but through testing

The core idea of Growth Hacking is to seek growth in all channels in a cost efficient manner. When in the past we’ve been talking about Inbound and Outbound Marketing, Growth Hacking can be viewed as Allbound Marketing, where leads are generated through a multichannel approach, and with an experimental attitude.

Experimenting means testing. A Growht Hacker doesn’t rely on her intuition, but performs A/B -testing for different versions of material. In Growht Hacking, there are no right or wrong methods of doing things, but there is a strong trust in methods that have been tested and proved successful. Sometimes even the most seasoned Marketer will be surprised by the test results.

Old methods, new philosophy

When things are done in a new way, can old methods and channels be used more efficiently. Growth Hacking can be done for example through Content Marketing, Social Media and good old email Marketing. A Growth Hacker testas and optimises already produced messages continuously, and targets them as efficiently as possible on the basis of the data she has collected.

As an example of this, email Marketing has experienced a renaissance with the Digital era. The Growth Hacker toolkit with its A/B -testing, personification, data-based targeting and Marketing Automation have given the good old newsletter a completely new life.

The main objective in Growth Hacking is to move from occasional and sporadic campaigning to continuous dialogue with customers. This will also ensure that customer purchasing needs can be answered outside of traditional campaign periods. You can read more about the best times to reach customers from our article “Digital Marketer meets the consumer in the right phase of the Buyer’s Journey”

Shall we hack growth to your business?

Over here at Redland, we can help in Growth Hacking through, for example, A/B-testing your best messages in your newsletter, boosting your Facebook Advertising and Search Engine Marketing. We can also help with Content Marketing and Content Analysis.

So don’t hesitate to contact us, and together we can boost your business to a new level!