User interface and user experience design

When it comes to user interface and user experience design, we brainstorm with customers about their digital business. We design services regardless of technology or devices. The end result of our design is a service that is as easy as possible to use, pleasant to use, and supports the given objectives.

So simple, that it isn’t obvious

We always aim for a user experience that is easy to use, as simple as possible, and effortless. A good rule of thumb is that a user should not have to think about using the service at all, but rather be pulled into it intuitively.  We work fluently with various technology companies, who do not have the expertise in user interface and user experience, or need help deliberating. We help our clients by improving the user experience and designing different interfaces for various digital services and various devices. Service design has substantial impacts on the analysis of broader ensembles, and how we can, together with our client, come to identify development targets in an increasingly complicated world. In shaping web services, the primary focus is on identifying various target groups, and how we can make the user experience as smooth as possible.

User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design

Understanding the target audience and an empathetic observation of their needs is the basis of all design. We start out by specifying user personas, unravel individual user paths to use as the service’s features and based on these, build a prototype of the service’s structure.

UX design serves as the foundation for UI design and the visual implementation and strives to make using a service a pervasive experience. User’s emotions are affected by a fluid user experience and consistent interaction all the way from the very first contact to the end of a user path. By observing web (or other) services this way, even new business opportunities may be uncovered.

UI design aims to improve the usability of a website, service or an application. Great UI design also has a direct impact on the quantity of contacts or for example to how streamlined an online store’s purchase funnel is and thus to its sales. Success is determined by the customer experience. When necessary, we’ll map out the user groups’ needs with separate inquiries or interview studies to understand the demands of the end users and the client’s stakeholders. This way we can design services that answer to those needs.

A user interface is not simply a brand appearance, but the whole of content and functionality. The better a website, web service or an online store is planned out together with the client, the faster and more effective its execution is. As our developers often say: “Weeks of coding can save you hours of planning”.

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