You can eliminate the constraints of place and time with an online store. We design and implement a diversity of online stores for the needs of various industries, for products and services alike. 

How an e-commerce project proceeds

A website project that entails an online store usually takes slightly longer to implement than a site without e-commerce integration. It is a good idea to reserve about three months to implement all the phases of the project both systematically and to a high standard. The direction of the e-commerce project can be modified according to the client’s wishes, but in practice, projects often follow a framework that has been observed to work well: At the beginning of the project, we help the client find a potential market and organic online demand by performing keyword-analysis. After this, we design the basic framework and structure of the online store or analyze the current online store to determine its development needs. When the user experience and user interface have been tested, we move to the technical implementation of the online store, without forgetting to make it mobile-friendly. The online store is tested for functionality and browser testing is performed.

The WooCommerce plugin on WordPress is often our e-commerce platform of choice. This way, the ecommerce can be integrated seamlessly to be a part of the website. We can design and implement e-commerce on other platforms, as well, such as Magento and the Finnish MyCashflow, in case the client has a specific platform in mind. The e-commerce functionality can be utilized on the website without linking to the actual payment gateway if the purpose is the efficient handling of complex and extensive product management.

The design of the online store is often directed by a purchase pipeline, which we aim to make as straightforward and clear as possible to a potential customer. This purchase pipeline is optimized during the maintenance phase by examining and testing the analytics of the site.

When the online store is ready to be published, we will carry out the marketing activities that were planned in conjunction with the launch of the store. Our project team will be responsible for the functioning of the store after it is published since maintenance is part of our offer. In addition to technical maintenance, we can offer our clients small-scale development and our views for development targets based on the analytics from the online store. This way, we ensure that the online store can be developed systematically based on visitor data.

We will also assist the online retailer with content marketing and digital marketing.

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