MVP, POC, demo, or prototype – or in our terms, web application? In addition to normal websites and web services, we implement web applications. We have worked on development projects spanning many years, as well as smaller projects, for example, MVP or POC-type service concept tests for developing a client’s business. 

In this type of project, we work closely with the linked user interface and user experience design to begin to solve a possible problem, or to create a new service business.

By web application, we mean wider services that function in a browser, such as various analytics services, which help us handle real-life data. We analyze this in a way that is beneficial to the client’s business. This can relate to, for example, monitoring utilization rates to determine where there is a backlog, and how long a service time might potentially be.

The tools for developing web applications have evolved significantly in the last decade. It no longer automatically requires hundreds of thousands of euros to develop web applications or mobile applications. Web applications can be developed in an efficient and agile way by making the correct decisions about technology.

Our specialty on the web application side of things is UI and UX design and the front end of applications. We have used Angular and React to build user interfaces and front ends, which offer the user data that come from the interfaces, enabling an optimal user experience.

In web application projects, we take advantage of the methods of agile development, which allow for quick progress and a quality end-product.

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