Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is familiar to many marketers, but an underutilized opportunity.  Social media is growing its foothold in company budgets as a strategic choice that time, effort, and money is invested in. And it is required to have measurability and provide results. With the aid of social media, you will reach target groups effectively and develop customer understanding through analytics. Social media is also a customer service channel.

Social media publishing

We handle content production according to the content strategy, concept design, and content marketing with continuous publishing. We implement operations into select channels, based on a weekly plan, and do so regularly and in a timely manner. Social media strategy determines the themes, contents, objectives, metrics, and practices for publications and maintenance.

Facebook advertising

Current Facebook advertising offers versatile opportunities for your business to reach target groups efficiently, and in a timely and cost-effective way. Paid advertising on Facebook is important because you cannot reach all the target groups or people who have liked your content with your publications. The types of campaigns for Facebook advertising, advertising formats, and targeting opportunities based on user data enable successful consumer marketing (b-to-c), but also business marketing (b-to-b) and remarketing by online stores.

Instagram advertising

Instagram advertising allows for visual storytelling, building awareness, and increasing business to mobile users. Instagram advertising is managed from the same ads manager as Facebook. Advertisement formats include, for example, image advertising, video advertising, carousel advertising, as well as stories – at its best, Instagram advertising is used to efficiently support organic Instagram publishing. Would you like to hear more about Instagram advertising?

LinkedIn advertising

LinkedIn allows for extremely precise and individualized business-to-business advertising to decision-makers in various fields in Finland and abroad, based on the industry, size of the business, and job title. LinkedIn advertising enables display advertising through textual advertisements, sponsored status updates, lead advertising, and a personal approach via an inMail message. Cost per click and impressions are expensive, but extremely precise in targeting.

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