Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing means operations that affect how a website ranks in search engine results. The significance of the search engine is undeniable in the purchasing process of company managers and consumers – nearly 90 % of internet users use a search engine to search for products or services. With help from Redland, your products and services will be visible to a carefully selected target group, so that you get quality traffic to your site.

Technical auditing of websites

Even though your site may have good content, technical problems can sometimes prevent the visibility of your content in a search engine. With technical auditing, we ensure that the site does not have technical barriers to its findability. Auditing the website helps to identify the current state of the website and the central development targets from various perspectives, whether they are factors related to search engine optimization, the usability of the site, or technology.

A technical auditing of the website includes a review of the technology, content, and linking, recommendations for redirects and a written documentation of the recommended technical and structural changes.   

Keyword research and keyword analysis

Keyword research is in an indispensable role for Search Engine Optimization. It helps in designing the structure and content of the website, and these determine your goals in search engine optimization. With the aid of keyword research, you will also find new keyword ideas that you can make use of, for example, in content creation for your website. Keywords reveal the products that your customers search for and what kinds of problems they have, and what they are interested in.

Keyword research also helps to design and implement productive and high-quality keyword advertising with Google AdWords – this makes it possible to find and sort working keywords and keyword combinations, and apply these to search advertising.

Keyword research is conducted with the aid of, among other things, search engines, your own site and the sites of your competitors, as well as various tools such as Google’s Keyword Planner and other commercial tools. Keywords are documented to a table, for example MS Excel or Google Sheets, where one can find search volumes, the competitive situation, and potentially the current ranking in search results.  Additionally, the findings from the analysis can be placed into tools that can show changes in your own ranking.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization means structured operations that make a site better for search engines and visitors – so that the users find the information they are looking for and search engines understand what the site covers and contains.

The objective of Search Engine Optimization is to grow the amount of traffic to the website through natural, or organic, search results from search engines (like Google and Bing) – generally by ensuring that the site ranks as high as possible in search results.

The search engine marketing operations that Redland offers are improving the structure, content, technology, linking, and usability of the website. Search Engine Optimization is long-term and systematic work that achieves good long-term results.

Google AdWords keyword advertising (SEM, PPC)

To many, Google AdWords is a familiar digital marketing system, which is also used for keyword advertising in Google’s search engine –  in the best places at the top of the search results.

With keyword advertising, you will reach the relevant and important people at the right time, as they are making a purchase decision, either locally or abroad. In terms of its results, keyword advertising is usually very cost-effective, well-timed, and targeted advertising. As an advertiser, you will only pay for clicks and the quality traffic that the ads bring to your site. The results of keyword advertising can also be measured accurately, which allows for flexible budgeting, based on the results.

Redland performs keyword advertising based on the client’s objective using best practices and over 10 years of experience, which shows in carefully designed campaign structures, precise keyword planning, designing ad texts for the campaign, and testing-driven utilization of ad text and ad extensions. This ensures that the quality of the advertising and thus the cost-per-click stay at a reasonable level.

Bing keyword advertising (SEM, PPC)

Bing is a search engine, where successful keyword advertising can be carried out, just as in Google. The market share of Bing is small, but respectively, the competition and cost of clicks may be more moderate than with Google. Although only a small part of the natural, or organic, traffic for the current site is from Bing, it is possible to create successful and high-quality traffic to the site. The principle is the same as in AdWords keyword advertising, so the advertising is targeted precisely and as an advertiser, you only pay for clicks.