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Continuously growing Redland renews its management – the reformation is centred upon happy staff and satisfied customers

Strategic marketing communications and digital services oriented Redland has managed to acquire new clients and hire more professionals, even during the corona virus outbreak. Now Redland is renewing its organisational structure and executive committee cast. These changes help in leading the growing, globalising business.

Redland’s operations are guided by deep comprehension of the client’s business. Behind the organisational reformation was the desire to serve customers better and to develop and grow their businesses with strategic planning.

“Our fortes lie in strategic marketing know-how and strong conceptual thinking that we combine with digital services by using design and service design. After the management reformation we are able to pinpoint our clients’ challenges and possibilities even more efficiently, as well as offer them more comprehensive solutions”, Redland CEO Mari Masalin explains.

The new executive committee includes business unit directors and team leaders

The core of the new organisation consists of two business units: marketing communications and digital services. New business unit directors will be supported by designers and leads of different expertise. All of these job descriptions are new to Redland, and together the people nominated form the new Redland executive committee.

The new executive committee consists of the following people: CEO Mari Masalin, Director of Marketing Services Mikko Vartiainen, Director of Digital Services Raila Lassila, Creative Director Jussi Löytökorpi, Head of Digital Marketing Juho Santala, Design Lead Vesa Virkkunen and a new Tech Lead who starts working in the end of November.

“Our new executive committee composes of professionals who are committed to realising Redland’s strategy and working according to our values. We are leading Redland’s operations to a direction that enables happy staff, satisfied customers and natural international growth”, Masalin tells.

Personnel is Redland’s most important asset

There are about fifty people currently working at Redland and more are being recruited even at this minute. The office spaces are located in Helsinki and Lahti, but remote working allows people to work from anywhere they want. Redland’s staff has praised the management for not resorting to layoffs and dismissals during the corona pandemic.

“Our personnel are our most important asset. This change will support better talent recognition, utilisation and improvement. We encourage people to grow and improve inside the company – in their current roles and into completely new roles”, Masalin summarises.

The company owned by its staff received new shareholders

Redland is completely owned by its personnel. In the beginning of this autumn the share of ownership was increased by three new shareholders: Director of Marketing Services Mikko Vartiainen, New Business Manager Raino Lepistö and Project Manager Tero Huhtanen.

“I became a partner at Redland because I wholeheartedly believe in the company’s strategy and new management. Last spring I witnessed how we were able to succeed together, despite these testing times. This notion warmed my heart so much that when I was offered the chance to become a partner, I didn’t stop to think twice”, the new shareholder Raino Lepistö explains.