Communications Strategy

Communications strategy

It often happens that in the growth and development phase of a business, when comparing the current situation to the goals, one can only note, “We probably need to do something here.”  That “something” is a communications strategy.

Communication is successful and effective when it is designed well to support and promote the business goals of the organization. What should be considered carefully beforehand are things like implementing in phases, the sharing of responsibilities, as well as the best way to reach stakeholders.  Even small crises do not disturb the operation, when there are response models ready.

In designing communications, we start with an analysis of the current state of the organization and determine the target state.  Are there, for example, foreseeable changes in business activities or adoptions of new administrative models? At the strategic level, we will evaluate what is possible to achieve within a specified time frame and set interim targets. What is often critical is to succeed at distributing resources to various operations and agents in an intelligent way.

More often than not, everything cannot be done all at once, nor does it even make sense to try.  We will help to envision the totality of communications and guide its implementation through preliminary planning.  The pinnacle of the plan is the selection of practical, channel-specific operations, after which we can support the implementation, even on a daily basis. Together we can also determine and build appropriate meters to track the success of communications.

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