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The hungry tend to grow

”Don’t work to earn. Work to learn”, someone smart once said. At the same time as we promise growth to our clients, we also promise it to each other: we are a community where we learn something new all the time. Here is our vision:

The happiest staff

It is often said that the customer comes first. But that’s not how it goes. If you don’t enjoy work, it shows fairly quickly in quality and customer satisfaction. That is why everything begins with a prosperous staff.  And it does not just mean foosball and pizza on Fridays, but a genuinely supportive work culture. At Redland, you will receive as many opportunities for professional development as you are willing to take.

The most satisfied clients

When our professional people get to focus on carrying out their projects in a constructive environment, it shows positively on our clients’ faces. In addition to focusing on the quality of our work, we constantly measure our customer satisfaction and explore how we can serve better. So far, everything has gone nicely: our yearly testimonial percentage has been teetering around 95 percent.

Organic growth

Growth is a side effect of a healthy work environment and customer satisfaction, both economic and individual. Just as it is wise to take the next year’s seed from the fall harvest, it pays off in the professional community to give credit where it is due. Thus, we share 50% of our yearly earnings with our staff. This way, the positive spiral of growth can continue.

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We are not looking for reinforcements at this moment, but we accept open applications all the time. Go ahead and send us mail!